Stainless Steel Prep/Bar Sinks

Add multifunctional convenience to any kitchen with our top-quality bar and prep sinks. Few luxuries compare to having a bonus sink right where you need it. Whether you are seeking a compact, standalone sink for a tight space or a creative companion sink for your dream kitchen, Houzer has you covered. European-inspired designs with clean lines and lustrous, satin finishes provide an elegant look, while exemplary craftsmanship and premium T304 stainless steel construction deliver rugged quality that lasts a lifetime.

Care & Maintenance

Heavy-Duty Durability Meets Refined Luxury

Houzer stainless steel sinks offer exquisite eye appeal, but timeless beauty is just the start. Bar sinks must be hygienic — that is why we use high-grade, 18, 20, and 22-gauge premium stainless steel that contains 10% chromium and 18% nickel. This optimal blend offers unmatched resistance to corrosion and rust, as well as stains, scratches, and extreme temperatures. These sinks also feature SpecPlus edges and StoneGuard undercoating over Super Silencer pads to minimize noise while eliminating condensation beneath the sink.


What are the benefits of adding a companion sink to my home kitchen?

Many homeowners do not realize what a massive difference having a second sink makes, especially those who host guests or cook for large families.

Bar sinks improve the flow of kitchen traffic, allowing multiple people to work together without getting in each other’s way. Additionally, prep sinks improve safety. For example, if you need to pour out a pot of boiling water, you have your own space to do so.

An extra sink also improves kitchen hygiene by making a hand washing station easily accessible. You will also appreciate having more space in your primary sink, as your companion sink can be used to store dishes and utensils as needed.

Simply put, companion sinks allow you to be more productive, safe, organized, and hygienic while you enjoy an overall more relaxed experience.

What is better for a home bar — companion bar sinks or workstation sinks?

The main factors to consider are size and functionality. Workstation sinks are larger, so you will need to check your available counter space, but our workstation sinks come with more accessories than our bar sinks.

Whether you choose to have one traditional sink and a companion sink, one large workstation sink, or one workstation sink with companion sinks, you will be amazed by the added convenience.

Elevate Your Kitchen With Houzer Prep Sinks

Kitchens tend to be social hubs, and your deep kitchen sink is the heart of the action. Naturally, two sinks are better than one! We bring more than 30 years of experience to the table, so if you have any questions, get in touch. Orders over $50 include free shipping in the contiguous US, and these top-of-the-line sinks are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Invest in a sink that will provide a lifetime of joy and memories.