Houzer Sink Materials

Of all the choices in designing your kitchen, lavatory or bar prep area, one of the smartest will be choosing a HOUZER sink. Pick the perfect material, size and style for your vision — no one provides you with more inspiring alternatives than HOUZER. From sinks in stainless steel, fireclay, porcelain enamel, granite or copper — you’ll find a HOUZER sink you’ll love and appreciate for the incomparable value it provides.

Stainless Steel

Masters of the Stainless Steel Form

Our stainless steel sinks are a mainstay of smart, stylish homes everywhere. For good reason, too, the versatility and long-lasting value of stainless steel is incomparable. And HOUZER offers a sensational style for almost any kitchen design.

Stainless Steel has become one of the most familiar and well-used finishes in our homes today for its hardy and handsome attributes. Every homeowner wants their sink to appear sparkling clean and new looking for years to come. And stainless steel’s resistance to rust, scratches and stains make it a natural pick for appliances and fixtures in places wherever hygiene is a priority. It’s no wonder that over 60% of all sinks produced in U.S. are stainless steel.

That is why HOUZER remains committed to the unique qualities of stainless steel. Every HOUZER sink starts with premium T304 Stainless Steel, the optimum mix of nickel and chromium for a resilient finish and attention-getting shine. We further enhance this solid foundation through performance innovations and highly refined designs, resulting in the strongest sink value available today. Nothing less would satisfy our rigorous standards or today’s most discerning homeowners.

HOUZER offers 16 series—over 100 models in commercial, utility, bathroom and kitchen sinks—to complement kitchen designs ranging from ultra modern to classical.

Quartztone Granite Composite

Modern Rock, Quartztone Granite

Houzer Quartztone granite sinks are three times harder than natural granite

Our Quartztone granite sinks are three times harder than natural granite, and difficult to beat when it comes to modern lines and color choices.

Houzer Quartztone granite sinks are 80% quartz sand and 20% high-grade acrylic

They get their hardness from a formulation of 80% quartz sand and 20% high-grade acrylic. Created using an advanced process developed through years of research and development, these sinks are distinguished by their silky smooth touch and remarkable toughness.

Houzer Quartztone granite is made to withstand heat exposure to 500˚ F

In addition to being scratch, crack and stain resistant; Quartztone granite is made to withstand heat exposure to 500˚ F. The 100% pore-free sealed surface is colorfast and provides outstanding antibacterial protection—a huge benefit in protecting against the spread of germs in the kitchen.

Houzer Quartztone granite supports fresh design directions and engineering techniques

The cutting edge composition of Quartztone granite supports fresh design directions and engineering techniques that other materials don’t. It also lends itself to maximum color intensity and enables a color palate that is utterly distinctive to the material.

HOUZER Quartztone granite sinks come in five forward-facing colors that are available in five unique sink styles.

For a modern look that rocks consider HOUZER Quartztone granite.

Porcelain Enamel Steel

A Brilliant Change of Cast

Houzer porcelain enamel sinks feature a light and resilient steel core

It’s a HOUZER original. Our porcelain enamel sinks feature a light and resilient steel core that is a brilliant departure from the heavy cast iron foundation of other porcelain enamel sinks. The fact that our porcelain enamel sinks are only 65% of the weight of typical cast iron sinks enables designers to install porcelain enamel where they couldn’t before.

Houzer porcelain enamel sinks provide the glossy look and feel

HOUZER porcelain enamel sinks provide the glossy look and feel people know and love about porcelain enamel. It’s an enduring finish that’s been honored and appreciated throughout history.

HOUZER uses an enameling process that traces its inspiration back to 2000BC and the first Greek craftsmen to fuse metal and glass. We start with a genuine HOUZER steel sink that is coated with high performing materials twice—first with a ground coat and second with a cover coat—and then fired at 1500° F after each application. The heat bonds the coatings with the metal to create a high-shine finish that’s impact, heat, stain, chip, scratch and even germ-resistant.

Our exclusive porcelain enamel process is featured in the sinks of our Porcela series. Porcela offers a selection of four popular styles, each available in black, biscuit, espresso, navy blue or white. Each comes with a 10-year warranty—a testament to the enduring nature of our porcelain enamel.

If you love porcelain, steel this look for your kitchen.


Soul-Satisfying Ceramic

Ceramic sinks have been a beloved mainstay of kitchens for centuries. There’s no substitute to the look and feel of genuine fireclay. HOUZER fireclay sinks are created through a process that is both old and new.

Houzer Fireclay sinks are chip, crack, and scratch resistant

We start with a proprietary blend of clay slip that is shaped using the most advanced injection molding techniques on the market today. After being hand-brushed and sponged, the raw sinks are cured for up to 48 hours. Then they are then sprayed with glazing materials and fired for over 20 hours in the kiln at 2200° F. Being fired at such a high temperature causes the clay material to fuse together on itself and with the glaze, creating the glossy, cool-to-the-touch finish that defines fine fireclay.

Our modern-traditional process results in sinks that are chip, crack, and scratch resistant—ideal for high-traffic kitchens. Fireclay sinks will last a long time if properly maintained—some of the oldest sinks in use today are of this variety. Our sinks also have the soul-satisfying benefit of being made from all natural materials that are completely lead-free, making them eco-friendly.

HOUZER fireclay is used in Platus, a line of modern apron-front sinks available in biscuit and white. All are crafted with the same quality and durability that are a signature of HOUZER sinks and all are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Make a HOUZER fireclay sink the heart of your soul kitchen.


Metal of Honor

There’s good reason that copper is enjoying such wide appeal in kitchens and bathrooms today. The glorious color and rich feel of copper makes it an exquisite alternative to conventional sink materials. On top of that, there’s just something about hand-worked metals that strikes a chord of admiration in all of us. There’s something elegant and pure, yet slightly rustic about copper.

HOUZER copper sinks are formed from heavy copper sheet, which lends itself well to design variations like hammering and a variety of artistic flourishes like those you’ll find in our motif design series.

Houzer Copper sinks are naturally corrosion and rust-resistant

In addition to the aesthetics of this material, copper also boasts unique performance features. Naturally corrosion and rust-resistant, copper sinks can last for generations. Copper also has natural antimicrobial properties. Unlike other sink materials, copper doesn’t support harmful bacteria—making it an important germ-fighting ally in kitchens and bathrooms.

Yet for all these benefits as well as their undeniable beauty, they are as low maintenance as can be and require no special care. Regular cleaning agents that are used to clean conventional surfaces work fine on copper sinks.

HOUZER copper sinks are available in a variety of styles—from hand-hammered to ones with whimsical motifs—and sizes to meet your space requirements in the lavatory, kitchen or bar-prep area. For medal-worthy performance and prestige, consider copper.