Fireclay Apron Front Farmhouse Sinks

Give Your Kitchen Design A European Flair With Apron Front Sinks

We offer a broad range of farmhouse kitchen sink designs that elevate your space and enhance your daily routine. Impervious to stains, cracks, chips, and scratches, our 100% organic, Turkish fireclay is the most durable ceramic sink material, and it is easy to clean and maintain. Blending contemporary style with traditional accents, each apron sink is a work of art worthy of the heart of your home.

Care & Maintenance

Give Your Kitchen Design a European Flair

A superb choice for both contemporary and traditional homes, the apron front (farmhouse) style originated in late 17th-century Europe. Centuries later, the farmhouse sink remains timeless. Our team of artisans and craftsmen employ an innovative combination of old-world craftsmanship, advanced injection molding techniques, and other cutting-edge technologies to create what we consider to be the finest kitchen sinks from both a visual and functional standpoint. Plus, these sinks come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!


How are fireclay sinks made?

Our Turkish fireclay undergoes a rigorous production process, but the extraordinary durability is worth the time and effort.

First, we use state-of-the-art injection molding methods to shape a proprietary blend of clay into a raw farmhouse sink. Then the raw sink is brushed and sponged by hand and cured for 48 hours. After being glazed, the sinks are baked for over 20 hours at 2200 °F, which fuses the glaze and clay together seamlessly to create the most durable, non-porous ceramic material available.

What is an apron front sink, and how does it compare to an undermount sink?

The apron sink, also known as the farmhouse style, can be identified by its exposed front that hangs slightly over the cabinets beneath it, as well as the way it sits slightly below the countertop.

Unlike a farmhouse sink, a fireclay undermount sink sits flush with the countertop and is installed from below it.

How do I care for and maintain a fireclay sink?

Our fireclay sinks undergo thermal shock testing after they are fired for 20 hours at 2200 Fahrenheit. Thermal shock testing is where it is blasted alternating between near boiling and freezing water. We passed this test at double the industry standard, so hot pans and boiling water should not be an issue. For cleaning your farmhouse kitchen sink, we recommend Bar Keepers Friend or a 1:1 ratio vinegar water solution and, of course, dish soap.

Upgrade Your Kitchen With a World-Class Sink

Every sink we make highlights our unwavering commitment to excellence. With over three decades of experience, we bring a peerless level of skill and passion to the industry. We invite you to peruse all of our fireclay sinks to find the undermount or apron sink that calls your name. We also offer a wide variety of deep kitchen sinks made from other quality materials, as well as luxury faucets. We ship anywhere in the contiguous US and orders $50+ ship free. Bring an air of European elegance to your home with a farmhouse sink.