Fireclay Apron Front Sinks

Give Your Kitchen Design A European Flair With Apron Front Sinks


Are you in search of apron front sinks that match well with the design of your kitchen? At HOUZER, we offer a new range of fireclay apron front sinks that are impervious to stains, cracks and scratches. These sinks come with a limited lifetime warranty and are available in different colors like white, biscuit, grey and black. These sinks have been created by experienced designers and artisans using a combination of the latest technology and advanced injection molding techniques.


The fireclay sinks which we offer have a dual mount option-undermount or apron front. Each apron front sink is fired for more than 20 hours at 2200° F and have a non-porous, semi-glossy surface. They are easy to clean and maintain also. So, if you are looking for an apron front sink which is durable, ergonomic and can contain a large volume of utensils, then these sinks are a viable option for you.

Care & Maintenance