FAQs For Homeowners

 With so many brands of sinks today, what makes HOUZER so special?

HOUZER offers the widest selection of premium-level sinks at moderate prices like no other brand. HOUZER is the result of over thirty years of experience manufacturing sinks for many of today’s popular brands.

 Why are stainless steel sinks so popular?

Stainless steel holds the highest ranking in material choice for kitchen sinks for a good reason: with minimal care, the sink can look like new for a very long time.

HOUZER sinks have a superior grain and polish compared to most brands on the market.

 Aren’t all makes and models made alike?


HOUZER uses premium Type 304 Stainless Steel on all models.

Chrome increases the hardness and wear-resistance of your sink, and Nickel increases the strength and resilience to dents. HOUZER only uses premium 18/8-10 mix (18% Chrome and 8-10% Nickel); some inferior brands use “Type 300”, which has a higher chance of rusting eventually.

 What does the term “Gauge” mean and why should I care?

Gauge is an inverse measurement range, where the lower the number, the thicker the steel. HOUZER sinks range up to 18 and 16 gauge for most of our offerings. Most premium brands on the market today range from 20 to 18 gauge. Finishing & polishing techniques and using the premium mix of 18/10 steel are more important than gauge, but we also offer all popular gauges

 If two brands are made of the same gauge steel, won’t they have the same strength?

Not necessarily.

Most HOUZER Undermount models have a proprietary design improvement called SpecPlusTM Edge which increases the structural rigidity and strength across the entire span of the sink. This is a key concern especially when the design is a double or triple bowl. SpecPlusTM Edges mean less flex, more strength.

 Is undercoating important?


Proper and well-appointed undercoatings will aid in noise reduction, condensation prevention, and maintaining the water temperature when pre-soaking dishes.

HOUZER sinks rate is the highest for these benefits.

 Do all sinks have sound absorption?


HOUZER sinks have sound absorption rubber pads on all models and are fortified with Stoneguard Undercoating on top of the rubber pads on most models. HOUZER sinks are among the quietest sinks available today, fully insulated from the noise of clanging dishes, pots, and pans.

 Are HOUZER sinks Warranteed? And for how long?

Yes, for as long as you own your residence.

Every HOUZER sink carries a Lifetime Warranty against defects.

 How should I clean and maintain my sink?

Please refer to our “Care & Maintenance” guidelines.