Stainless Steel Apron Front Sinks

Upgrade your kitchen with a stainless steel farm sink that will last a lifetime. Designed and crafted by master artisans, our stainless steel sinks are built through a combination of state-of-the-art technologies and traditional techniques. We use premium T304 stainless steel with an optimal ratio of 10% chromium and 18% nickel to ensure exceptional resistance to damage, stains, rust, and corrosion. Your dream kitchen awaits. Experience the Houzer difference.

Care & Maintenance

Rugged Quality Meets Refined Designs

A lustrous shine is not the only reason to opt for a stainless steel sink by Houzer. These sinks are tough enough to hold up to years and years of everyday use. The apron front sink design — also known as a farmhouse kitchen sink — offers timeless appeal originating from 17th-century European kitchens and is equally attractive in traditional and ultramodern homes. Invest in a luxurious sink at an attainable price.


Should I choose an apron front, topmount, or undermount stainless steel sink?

There is no right or wrong choice — the best sink depends on your personal preferences regarding aesthetics, installation, and functionality.

Apron front sinks have a distinctive design. The sink has an exposed front section that hangs slightly over the cabinets below, and it sits slightly below the countertop.

Unlike a stainless steel apron sink, an undermount sink sits flush with the countertop. Some homeowners prefer this style because of its sleek appearance and because the seamless transition between the counter and sink makes cleaning the counter quick and easy.

A topmount sink is the most straightforward style. Also known as drop-in sinks, they can be installed easily with minimal modification to your existing setup.

Do I need to do anything to keep my stainless steel sink in good condition?

Following some basic care and maintenance guidelines will keep your stainless steel farm sink shining beautifully for many, many years to come. Cleaning your stainless steel sink is usually as easy as wiping it down with a mild soap.

Why do apron front sinks have a lip that extends over cabinets?

Besides being a long-lasting style that looks great in any kitchen, that exposed front section protects your cabinets from being damaged by splashes and spills.

Elevate Your Kitchen Design

We offer a wide range of stunning stainless steel sinks, luxury faucets, and kitchen sink accessories so you can remodel your kitchen once and love it for life. An apron front sink will never go out of style, and ours are even backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We have more than three decades of experience, so you can depend on Houzer to deliver world-class products worthy of your home. Simply put, you should never need to replace your deep kitchen sink again. We ship anywhere in the contiguous US, and orders over $50 include free shipping. Order your stainless steel apron sink.