Stainless Steel Undermount Sinks

We employ an innovative combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies to ensure that your undermount stainless steel kitchen sink lasts a lifetime. The undermount style delivers a sleek, modern look that beautifully completes any kitchen. Premium T304 stainless steel with 10% chromium and 18% nickel offers exceptional resistance to rust, corrosion, stains, and scratches. Discover European-inspired designs for a luxe aesthetic that never goes out of style.

Care & Maintenance

Enduring Eye Appeal Meets Rugged Quality

Houzer stainless steel sinks are designed and built by master artisans with over 30 years of experience. Stainless steel is the most popular sink material because it offers a lustrous shine, easy maintenance, incredible durability, and numerous hygienic properties. This sink style boasts smooth, clean lines and an overall appearance that exudes timeless class.


Can I install an undermount sink myself?

In order to determine if you will need to hire a professional, you must first understand how undermounts are installed compared to topmount sinks.

Undermount sinks are installed from below the countertop. On the other hand, topmount sinks are also known as drop-in sinks because you drop them right into the counter from above the countertop. A topmount sink is typically easier to install and requires very little modification to the existing countertop.

Depending on your experience and the general nature of your remodeling project, an undermount may require a professional installation. However, plenty of DIYers have successfully installed their own undermount kitchen sinks, and we do provide mounting clips for our undermount sinks.

How does an undermount look different from a topmount or apron front sink?

Because an undermount stainless steel kitchen sink is installed from below the countertop, it sits slightly below the counter surface with a seamless transition from the counter to the sink.

A topmount kitchen sink has a slight lip that protrudes over the counter.

An apron front sink (also known as a farmhouse sink) also has that same seamless transition from counter to sink, but there is also an exposed front section that protrudes slightly over the cabinets below.

What are the functional benefits of an undermount sink?

Besides its sleek, smooth appearance, an undermount stainless steel kitchen sink saves counter space and makes cleaning the counter quick and easy — just brush counter crumbs and residue directly into the sink.

Enhance the Heart of Your Home

The kitchen is where you fellowship with loved ones and make delicious food to enjoy together, and the sink is truly the center of it all. A high-quality kitchen sink will be part of so many lifelong memories, so invest in the one that completes your dream kitchen. After selecting the perfect sink, browse our luxury faucets and kitchen sink accessories to put the finishing touches on your new undermount sink. All of these sinks ship free anywhere in the contiguous US and are backed by our generous Limited Lifetime Warranty. Order an exquisite, multifunctional kitchen sink by Houzer.