Choosing The Right Sink

Choosing the right sink makes a measurable difference in the overall efficiency and enjoyment of your kitchen. Consider the following when choosing your next kitchen sink:

Your Kitchen Style

Is your kitchen traditional, contemporary, transitional or rustic? Before making a selection, determine the shape, size, design and features you want that will best suit your everyday needs and style of living.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is by far the most popular choice in appliances and sinks for various reasons, including it’s ability to appear new longer than other materials. HOUZER sinks are exclusively crafted from premium T304 stainless steel, the optimal mix for strength, shine, and lasting beauty. With minimal care, your HOUZER sink will look new for a lifetime.


Granite (or composite) is an alternative to stainless steel. It is resistant to scratches and is available in multiple colors, providing additional design alternatives when it comes to matching other details in the kitchen.

Installation Styles

Best for stone or solid surface tops, undermounts are mounted from the underside of the counter, leaving a zero-barrier counter surface to sweep scraps and crumbs into the sink. If your countertop is a laminate with a pressed-wood core, you will require a topmount sink; the sink’s bowl drops into a hole in the countertop and rests on the perimeter. Topmounts can also be used in a solid surface application as well.

Number of Bowls

How will you be using your sink? A resident home-chef may desire multiple deep, large bowls to accommodate stockpots and roasting pans However, if you will be simply rinsing dishes, a single bowl of moderate depth will suffice. When in doubt, a large, deep single bowl is the best choice.

Depth of Bowls

Deeper bowls in the 9″ range will accommodate large pots and allow for defrosting activities with larger food items. Deeper bowls also mean less splashing of water when in use. Shallow bowls down to 5″ are ideal for food preparation and will also accommodate larger food disposal units.

Prep Sink

A well-placed prep sink in a busy kitchen can definitely improve flow and efficiency and can also double as a bar-sink in other areas of the house. Prep sinks of various depths and shapes can be found built-in to many HOUZER models or purchased separately for other locations like a countertop island.

With over a hundred sinks to choose from, HOUZER has a sink that is just right for your kitchen.