Masters of the Stainless Steel Form

Our stainless steel sinks are a mainstay of smart, stylish homes everywhere. For good reason, too, the versatility and long-lasting value of stainless steel is incomparable. And HOUZER offers a sensational style for almost any kitchen design.

Stainless Steel has become one of the most familiar and well-used finishes in our homes today for its hardy and handsome attributes. Every homeowner wants their sink to appear sparkling clean and new looking for years to come. And stainless steel’s resistance to rust, scratches and stains make it a natural pick for appliances and fixtures in places wherever hygiene is a priority. It’s no wonder that over 60% of all sinks produced in U.S. are stainless steel.

That is why HOUZER remains committed to the unique qualities of stainless steel. Every HOUZER sink starts with premium T304 Stainless Steel, the optimum mix of nickel and chromium for a resilient finish and attention-getting shine. We further enhance this solid foundation through performance innovations and highly refined designs, resulting in the strongest sink value available today. Nothing less would satisfy our rigorous standards or today’s most discerning homeowners.

HOUZER offers 16 series—over 100 models in commercial, utility, bathroom and kitchen sinks—to complement kitchen designs ranging from ultra modern to classical.