Bring City and Country Together in Kitchen Appliance

Aug 26, 2016

One of the challenges in home ownership is to be able to combine the personalities of both parties (city and country) in a seamless and elegant theme that resonates throughout the home without clashing. In some areas it may be impossible to make this work but in the kitchen there is an appliance that can accurately represent both city and country worlds without even trying.

Apron front sinks are a farmhouse style from the traditional country era that has been given a modern facelift so that they look contemporary and even luxurious when installed in your kitchen. They are available in a variety of materials including stainless steel, fireclay and copper so that clients have clear options on what to purchase based on their preference and theme.

This product is set apart from every other type in that it has an open front that is not concealed by the countertop which puts the user closer to the appliance and provides a break in the monotonous run of the counter. It is heavy and typically requires a slightly different support system than an under or top mount sink so this is something to consider and potentially have handled by a professional. The different materials allow for various colours such as the stainless steel gray which will go with anything is the most contemporary of the items, fireclay white which presents a traditional country look and brightness to the location or the rich copper undertones that go with high style kitchens. No matter which option you select the manufacturer will ensure that a warranty, installation instructions and a maintenance guide are included as part of the package.

Accessories are installed separately into the countertop or back wall so that you remember to buy apron front sinks and these items as well during the process. This appliance presents a clean and elegant look with simple lines and a unique face that is eye catching to anyone who comes in the kitchen. Along with being functional and user friendly it also helps to settle any debates about how to decorate the kitchen when this is the best of both worlds.