When To Install Single vs. Double Sinks

Sep 30, 2015

As a contractor you are responsible for part of the design process while guaranteeing that functionality is enhanced in every room of the structure. When it comes to certain appliances such as the sink it is all about making the best decision for that particular area. For example, you will find sinks located in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room and bar area but that doesn’t mean that you need, or want, the exact same style in every room.

When working with a quality vendor that specializes in sinks it is helpful to look over their inventory and see what the options are first. The kitchen sink is most commonly a double basin because you have one side available for washing and one side for rinsing and the bathroom is almost always a single basin sink because it is a smaller area and there is no purpose for two sides. This makes it more of a decision of material and style for both of these areas.. The utility room is more a matter of preference because everyone does things just a little differently so you can select either a single or double basin but you should always strive for something with a longer depth. The bar area is an ideal location for a unique single basin sink that is small and shaped differently because this is a fun area that is used for social gatherings.

There are a wide range of variety and styles available when making the choices for sinks in the home. It is important to take your overall theme into consideration, whether you decide to make it exactly the same in every room or differentiate between rooms and keeping it fun when possible. Professional sink vendors offer copper, stainless steel, granite and other materials along with designs that are different so that you have several available options. You also need to consider the accessories during the purchase process because these need to complement the sink not over or underwhelm that area.

The choice between a single basin kitchen sink and double is more a matter of functionality, space and usability so take advantage of recommendations and understand the demographics of the area. These factors and others will help you to make the right choice and have the ideal product delivered straight to your work site. This will helpyou can stay within budget and meet your deadlines!