Power in the Name of the Sink

Jun 24, 2016

Have you ever thought about how the name of a product is meant to tell you something about it or describe a characteristic in order for it to be a selling point? For example, when you hear the word ‘granite’ you instantly think of hard and tough which is exactly what sink’s manufactured from this material are. It is a clever marketing tool that influences the shopper without them even realizing that they have a disposition towards a specific material based on their own preference.

‘Stainless’ steel is another common material for the kitchen sink and the name implies that it too is durable and able to withstand stress (because of the steel) but it also conveys that it is able to resist dirt and grime. ‘Stainless’ makes you think that the material stays clean and requires very little maintenance in order to keep its shiny appearance so that it looks like new far after its anniversary date.

Yet this is exactly the features that make the stainless steel kitchen sink so very popular with consumers. They love the versatility with any design, the option to purchase it in a variety of styles and sizes and the easy care that it requires to keep it looking great all the time. A washcloth and gentle cleaner will do the trick every time and it is tough enough to handle the hot temperatures and heavy duty pots used in cooking. Whether you are considering replacing your current sink in the kitchen, bathroom, bar or utility room, you should definitely consider this option at the top of the list.

It is affordable and is manufactured in styles like top mount, under mount, apron front farmhouse and single bowl designs so that every shopper can find exactly what they need for their project. Visual imagery is an important part of marketing and in the hands of the best is quite effective but even the simple name of the product can influence your thoughts and opinions of what it can do for you.

Take advantage of quality stainless kitchen sink options in the steel family, granite, copper and enamel and decide for yourself which name sounds like something that will work for you, your family and your lifestyle.