My Sink Wears an Apron

My Sink Wears an Apron

Aug 8, 2017

An apron front sink is truly a thing of beauty to have in your kitchen.

If you desire to purchase one, you will see that you will have many different materials to select from. You can get one in copper, fireclay, and stainless steel or just about anything in between. But no matter which one you choose, be prepared to spend a hefty amount of cash. They are by no means, cheap.

However, it does pay for itself over time when it comes to the many uses you will get out of it. It has a deep basin, which will allow you to wash your oversize pots and pans, which is not something that you can do well in a traditional sink. And imagine this, if you have any babies in the house, you can plop them right down in the sink and give them a good scrubbing.

This kitchen sink is also very ergonomically beneficial when you are in the kitchen prepping for meals and washing veggies from the garden. One of the benefits of apron front sinks are the fact that they are under mounted sinks which means they will install under the lip of the surrounding countertop. Because of this you will not have the pools of water that normally lies around the edges of the traditional sink because the water does not have a place to drain.

Because of the width and depth of these sinks, they have become very versatile in other parts of the home. Some women decide to use them in the laundry room which makes it easy to hand wash any of those garments that you may not want to throw in the washing machine. Others that have purchased apron front sinks have opted for putting them in the bathroom. Which is a good choice. This is especially nice if you have very young children who like to splash the water when washing their hands.

However, because of the width and depth of the bowl, when they do this, the water will stay inside the sink and not get your countertops wet.

When you purchase your apron front sink you will need to have a custom cabinet for the sink to be installed under. One thing to know is this, if you choose an apron sink made of fireclay you need to know that a fireclay sink is handmade which can vary in measurement and sometimes make it challenging to fit in the space that it is to go. So, you will want to take several measurements to make certain that you have it right.

Therefore, if you are in the mood to switch over to one of these trendy sinks. I would strongly suggest that you do extensive research as far as the material you will be selecting and the size of the sink. Also remember, they are not exactly budget friendly but they will make the cost worth it over time.

So, go ahead and give your kitchen the face-lift that it deserves and put a new apron sink in your kitchen in order to give it the look that it longs to have.