Give Your Customers That Farmhouse Look

Nov 17, 2016

Have you recently had customers inquiring about fireclay sinks? These highly durable, more traditional looking sinks are quickly making a comeback as people are looking for a farmhouse look in their kitchens. As a contractor, you need to have access to a good selection of a wide variety of sinks. This includes fireclay sinks.

Contractors have a lot on their plate. They have to pull in new jobs, and then meet the often heavy demands of their customers, who don’t want to pay a fortune for a job that likely costs a fortune. They’ve got to track down materials and products at the lowest prices around without substituting quality any step of the way. When it comes to having access to great sinks at low prices, the best way to do just that is with the best supplier. Fireclay sinks are becoming more and more popular, so it’s important to have a supplier on call that offers these sinks in all of their glory.

So what is it about these sinks that’s making them all the rage? Fireclay sinks are practically indestructible. There’s isn’t anything causing damage to these sinks, including acid, and they won’t scratch or chip for anything. When compared to sinks of other materials, these really are the obvious choice in that they’ll outlast and are made to endure the daily struggle of a busy household. Even better, they look amazing. There’s something just stunning about a large basin farmhouse sink in a kitchen.

With all you have going on as a contractor, it’s in your best interest to go ahead and find a good supply of these fireclay sinks. The best suppliers will have a large quantity in stock so that you’re always ready, at a moment’s notice to fulfill the needs of your clients. Customers aren’t fans of waiting, especially in today’s fast paced world. They want what they want when they want it, and that goes for home remodel projects and even just sink swaps.

A customer tells you they’ve decided to go with a large fireclay farmhouse sink, and they’re going to want to see that sink the next time they walk through the door. So having a good supplier on hand that you can access when need be is the way to go. This is really the best case scenario with any of the things you’ll need for a kitchen remodel, including countertops, flooring, hardware for sinks, backsplash, and even appliances. Some customers will tell you exactly what they want throughout the course of their remodel, while others put a lot of the decision making in your hands. That’s why it’s so helpful to already have open lines of communication with capable suppliers.

Fireclay sinks aren’t the only growing trend around. People are getting tired of their old, outdated kitchens. If you’re a contractor who works on kitchen remodels, you’re likely already pretty busy, but expect to be even busier as time goes on. Get your suppliers in order so you can always get the things you need at the best prices. And don’t forget that fireclay sinks are the wave of the future.