Durable Sink Options

Aug 17, 2016

Durable under mount sinks are cost effective and popular. They are installed in many different styles of homes. The under mount style is practical and looks lovely as it creates a nice smooth flow across the countertop. Under mount sinks are easily available in a variety of materials that appeal to all different home owners. Whether you are building a new kitchen or remodelling an old one, consider replacing the sink with a new under mount style sink. They will work in single family homes, condos, and apartments affordably and easily.

The most popular style of under mount sink is stainless steel. These can be purchased in different styles such as single or double bowls as well as square or rounded corners. The depth of the sinks varies as well and could be 9" or 7". They will typically fit a standard 36” sink base. The versatility of the stainless steel is one reason why they are so popular. Another reason is the durability. These sinks work well for busy families as they take every day use in their stride and still look great at the end of the day.

Durable under mount sinks can not only be stainless steel but also porcelain or composite granite. The choice is up to the designer who is building or remodelling the kitchen. Expect that an under mount sink should be installed by a professional. This type of sink requires special mounting hardware, it might require glue, and it is very important to get it right. To maintain the warranty of your new sink, be sure to have it installed according to the manufacturer’s directions that are provided with the purchase. If you have already installed a new countertop, be sure to use caution when working under the new counter.

There are many reasons to purchase a durable under mount sink for your kitchen. It is the style that most home buyers are looking for so keep that in mind if you are renovating for a potential sale of your house. In addition, they create a seamless flow across any countertop material. Under mount sinks can be made with different types of materials that match most home styles. Finally, under mount sinks are affordably priced for everyone who needs to make a purchase.