Designer Sink Options with a Unique Twist

Mar 30, 2016

Who says that the sink has to be square in shape in order for it to be ‘normal’ and functional? There are many reasons to think outside the box with shapes, materials and locations that can enhance an area and garner more interest from potential buyers. When you are responsible for accessorizing or designing a room that can use a little extra ‘something’ then try thinking about a trough sink for the bathroom, bar or kitchen rooms.

This product is usually rectangular or slightly bent in a crescent moon shape and can be purchased in a range of small and shallow to very large and deep in sizes. The smaller trough sinks are ideal for the bar areas or as a secondary sink option in a tight kitchen space while the large products are used in bathrooms where a larger sink creates efficiency for daily activities. Before making any purchase you need to understand the positives and negatives of the item and determine what works best for your area that will cause customers to stop and notice when considering the home or apartment.

The trough sink is offered by designer manufacturers that recognize that a unique item is very marketable in certain situations and can even be more functional than the standard options. While developed with stainless steel material for durability and functionality, interested shoppers may also find this option in a variety of materials depending on the vendor that they work with. All business orders should be accompanied by warranty and installation information to ensure that the correct steps are followed for maximum performance. Ask about pricing on bulk orders so that you can stay within budget without sacrificing on quality and design.

Whether you need something that gives a large group plenty of sink space or a product that adds functionality to a small area, consider going outside the box to the unusual and see how a trough sink can add depth and dimension to your applicable area. Check online manufacturers that specialize in these products and speak with a representative about inventory options, delivery methods and pricing for business to business sales.