Choosing Three

Feb 5, 2016

The modern family wants options. They expect to have an up to date home with modern fixtures. They want a large kitchen with lots of space for everyone to gather. Modern families are looking for a triple sink for their home. A triple sink for the home is the latest in kitchen helpers. Predominately available in stainless steel, they are popular for their functionality. Having three sink bowls makes washing dishes and vegetables at the same time possible without cross contamination. You can soak your veggies in one sink while still keeping soapy water away from them. This is a great option if installing a bar or prep sink is impossible.

Another modern family desire is for a completely separate bar or prep sink. This is a convenience that was once only in high end homes but now can be seen in new construction houses or freshly renovated kitchens. If having a third and separate sink is not an option for whatever reason, families are turning to a triple sink for their home.

Another reason the modern family is looking for triple sinks is because cooking is becoming a popular hobby. Thanks to cooking television networks and shows, mom and dad are sharing the kitchen and even allowing the kids to help.

Having a triple sink mirrors a professional or commercial kitchen. The three bowls are practical, durable and made of sturdy stainless steel, making them the obvious choice for bustling home kitchens.

In addition to being sturdy stainless steel sinks are easy to clean. The under mount style prevents food and debris buildup. These triple bowl sink are also easy to sanitize after meals. They also can handle a family’s continuous use. When used normally, stainless steel triple sinks for the home are made to last. There won’t be a reason to replace this sink until the kids are grown and gone and you just want something new. It will take a pile of dishes, a bunch of veggies, and three bowls full of water, and still be sparkling and shiny when the work is all done. There is no doubt the modern family will choose the option of a stainless steel sink that boasts three functional sink bowls for their busy kitchen.