Benefit of Second Sink in the Kitchen

Feb 15, 2016

If one is good then two is usually considered better, at least in most situations. So when you have an outstanding kitchen sink, is there a need for a secondary option? The answer depends on your lifestyle, space availability and budget options but there are reasons that support having a small sink off to the side and make it worth the cost and the effort.

Do you like to host parties or have kids and their friends over most afternoons? The large kitchen sink made from stainless steel, granite or other top quality materials is the ideal location for stacking dishes, getting rid of items in the garbage disposal and heavy duty jobs. However, it is not uncommon to run into the scenario where both sinks (if you have a double bowl product) are occupied with clean and/or dirty dishes. So where do the kids go to wash their hands, rinse off a piece of fruit for a snack or keep the guests away from your general kitchen area?

Small sinks are the perfect solution because they offer the same functionality, design enhancement and are little enough to keep the jobs light and quick. They can be installed in the kitchen as a second option or if you have a designated bar area, then consider setting it up here and keeping traffic out of the kitchen area. Generally available in a stainless steel material, these small sinks are designed to last, be easy to clean and come in a variety of shapes so that you can pick the best product for the area and your needs. Purchased in an undermount option, these sinks make it simple to clean up the prep area by sweeping the dirt or spill into the sink and no messy edges to deal with.

Are secondary small sinks a necessity? Maybe not, but when you are looking to remodel your kitchen or increase functionality, they should be one of the first items on your list due to their affordability and enhancement to the area. Check out the online options and see how easy it can be to get one of your own installed and change the look and feel of your kitchen with one such addition.