Wirecraft Bottom Grid 12-Inch by 15.75-Inch

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Features & Benefits

  • T-304 stainless steel bottom grid
  • 12.375" x 16.125"
  • See individual models
  • Protective plastic feet
  • Fits EC-3220, ISL-3322, PGT-4322
  • Fits MEC-3220, MGT-4120, MGD-3120, STE-2300SR
  • T-304 stainless steel

Product Description

The Houzer BG-3400 Wirecraft Bottom Grid is made of T304 stainless steel with protective feet. This in-the-sink bottom grid helps to reduce noise while cushioning fragile dishes and protect your sink surface from scratch. It measures 12 inch by 15.75 inch and is custom designed to fit Houzer sink models. Please see specific sink models for compatible grids. The Houzer BG-3400 Wirecraft Bottom Grid comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions:
    12" x 15 3 ⁄4"
  • Fits Sink Models:
    EC-3220, ISL-3322, PGT-4322, MEC-3220, MGT-4120, MGD-3120, STE-2300SR
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