Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer for 3.5-Inch Drain Openings, Matte Black

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Features & Benefits

  • Simple to install for DIY projects and all parts are included for easy installation
  • Durable color plastic that will not fade and easy to clean
  • Stainer is designed to catch all debris so it doesn't clog your pluming
  • Fits standard 3-1/2" drain opening
  • Complements Houzer's Quartztone granite sink, Porcela porcelain enamel steel sinks and Fireclay sinks

Product Description

The Houzer 190-9265 3.5-inch Matte Black Strainer is made of durable plastic that withstands repeated use without chipping or fading. With a custom design, this product complements a variety of sinks and color schemes of Houzer's Quartztone granite sink, Porcela porcelain enamel steel sinks and Fireclay sinks. This basket strainer fits standard 3-1/2-inch drain opening. The Houzer 190-9265 3. 19.3-2000, UPC. For over three decades, Houzer has been improving millions of kitchens across America and overseas, one sink at a time. Houzer offers over 100 sensational models in Stainless steel, Quartz Granite, Fireclay, Porcelain Enamel steel, and Copper to match any design from traditional to contemporary. Houzer believes that sinks can make your life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.

Product Specifications

  • Color:
    Matte Black
  • Item Type:
    Sink Strainer
  • Finish Type:
    matte black
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