Six Colors to Consider for Granite Composite Sinks

Six Colors to Consider for Granite Composite Sinks

Oct 6, 2020

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, you can consider installing a granite composite sink. While granite composite is pricey, it’s also beautiful, strong, scratch-resistant and always looks clean. Stainless steel has always been reliable, but if you think your kitchen needs a big change, you can always consider getting a sink in granite composite that features a uniform color.

If you have never owned a colored kitchen sink before, we understand how important this choice can be for homeowners looking to buy latest granite composite sinks. Thankfully, we have a list of kitchen sink colors you can pick from as well as recommendations in case you need help making the best decision.


One of the most popular kitchen sink colors on the market, cloud is an off-white color that is as pretty as it is versatile. Cloud’s shade can blend in with many traditional and rustic kitchen themes in addition to standing out on its own. Considering it is the brightest color option, it is also the best choice for homeowners in search of stains as they clean inside the basin. If you feel your kitchen is in need of something bright, or you want to make sure your sink is truly clean, you cannot go wrong with Cloud.


Midnite is a jet-black shade that features specs of white grains that look like powder, just so that it’s not entirely dark. Mysterious, beautiful, and bold, midnite goes well with kitchens that have classy or modern elements to them, in addition to cabinets and countertops that are white or lightly-colored. Stains are somewhat noticeable, but not as much as on a lighter basin such as with Cloud. If you would like elements of your kitchen that are dark and want something that contrasts well, Midnite would be your color.


Sand is your typical tan colored kitchen sink. Many homeowners are initially skeptical about tan as their sink color, but it actually works really well under warm lighting, as it won’t change color or look off compared to stainless steel or other colors you could consider. Sand also goes well with brown or tan countertops to make for a relaxing kitchen that also has personality to it. This color should make it easy to notice most stains, but there’s always that tan-colored stain can hide fairly well. Choose sand if you are looking for a color that can help you relax.


Earth is a rich, warm brown. This color has a strong presence in natural and traditional-looking kitchens, and it can also look very appetizing. If your countertops are light tan, an Earth sink will stand out beautifully. Like Sand, Earth will look natural under warm lighting. The big takeaway with Earth, though, is that stains are harder to notice, but that can also mean that your basin will always appear clean.


Mocha is similar to Earth, but noticeably cooler. Mocha will tend to blend in better with classy kitchens and those with gray and stone elements.


Taupe is the in-between for Sand and Earth. This is a great color if you want a sink that is rather tame, but still has personality. Taupe tends to look appealing with countertops that are a lighter or darker shade of brown. Each granite composite sink comes in five colors, and Taupe would happen to be the color replacing Earth if Earth is not available for a particular sink.


Granite composite sinks come in six beautiful colors. Make a thoughtful decision when considering the colors of the sink to go with the rest of your new kitchen.