How to Select A Kitchen Sink?

How to Select A Kitchen Sink?

Jul 6, 2018

Life in the kitchen surrounds the sink in one way or another. Whether it involves preparing, cooking or cleaning up, it all somehow passes by the sink. This is why you should select the right one before quickly settling for single basin sinks. Before making a choice, you must know your lifestyle, tastes, and determine what you are going to use the sink for.

Consider these facts as you select your kitchen sink:

Size for Your Application

When we mention size, the bowls and the general sink sizes must be considered. With a huge sink, your counter space - which is much needed in small kitchens but provides you space for washing dishes, must be huge. You also need to look at the cabinet space or customize yours to fit your sink size.

Bowl Number

If you are the kind that uses your sink to clean pans, then selecting one big bowl on the sink will be more helpful than multiple smaller bowls. You want a sink that has large bowls enough for your purpose.

Features for Your Needs

Side Walls

Do you want your walls steep and straight? You need to know that deep bowls accommodate rinsing and soaking of large pans and pots. A flat sink, on the other hand, creates enough space for cleaning.

Putting the drain on a single side gives you a flat space you can stack glasses and dishes. There is more space under the sink you could use for other purposes.

Bowl Divider

A sink with a dual bowl will serve you better when the divider is lower than the exterior walls. This will facilitate the flow of water from one bowl to another without spilling.

Stainless Steel a Better Material

Stainless steel is a tough material which will make the sink to serve longer. The standard sinks made of stainless steel includes 18% chromium as one of its components confirming a lasting solution against corrosion and 10% nickel that makes them appealing with time. With this, you have a dent, UV rays, and germs resistant sink.

Countertop or Undercounter?

Under Counter mount the countertop directly to the underside. This makes your cleaning an easy task. When selecting an undermount, ensure that those edges that surround the sink are finish-able.

Self Rimming Sinks

These are sinks with corners that are already rounded and able to mount on the top of the countertop material. If you are a handy person and wishing to install the sink on your own then this is the easiest to install. All it needs is adhesive caulk for sealing sink in place.

What taste of faucet do you prefer?

The faucet you select has a role in determining the hole number your sink will contain. Therefore, choose a faucet that suits you and then make the sink order accordingly. You should not forget additional accessories - which come with some sinks and not others. A good example of such accessories includes soap holders and hand sprays pullouts.

Now you know whether to go for your coveted single basin sinks or not. Select wisely.