Four Benefits of Installing Top-mount Kitchen Sinks

Four Benefits of Installing Top-mount Kitchen Sinks

May 12, 2022

Top-mount sinks are an excellent choice for many reasons. They save space on your counters, are easier to install, and do not require any extra planning. In addition, they are also less expensive.

Top-mount kitchen sinks are often made of stainless steel. The thickness of these sinks varies, but they are all generally around 18 gauge. They are durable and reasonably priced.

Saves counter space

There are two main types of kitchen sinks, drop-in, and undermount. Which one you choose will depend on your countertop material and the type of installation you prefer. Drop-in sinks are installed above the counter, whereas undermount sinks are installed below. Drop-in sinks are easier to install yourself and save counter space. They are also easier to clean. Drop-in sinks are the most common option among homeowners.

Top-mount sinks are also called drop-in sinks because they drop into the counter, leaving a lip at the top. Most homeowners can install them, and the extra support helps to keep them in place. However, they have some drawbacks. The lip is prone to trapping grime and making cleanup a pain. To avoid this, choose sinks that have a lower lip.

Not much planning

When remodeling your kitchen or replacing an old sink, installing a top-mount sink will be a good idea. This type of sink installs easily without any special planning. Top-mount kitchen sinks come with mounting hardware, including brackets, screws, and anchors. Select models even come with mounting rails for easy installation. In addition to the ease of installation, top-mount sinks also leave more space in the base cabinet.

Costs less

A top-mount sink is usually more accessible to install and more affordable than an undermount sink. They are also more noticeable, making them easier to clean than a sink below. In addition, a top-mount sink is less likely to cause damage to the bench top's edges. However, if you have an existing sink, you might need to adjust the hole to accommodate a more oversized sink.

Easier to clean

Cleaning your kitchen sinks is an integral part of preparing your meals, but whether it's top-mount or undermount is a matter of personal preference. While undermount sinks are generally easier to clean, top-mount sinks require more time and attention. Both sinks are susceptible to mold and bacteria. The best way to prevent the emergence of these conditions is to avoid allowing them to grow in the first place.

Final Take

Compared to traditional sinks, top-mount models are easier to clean. This is because they have no hidden areas where gunk can build up. They are easier to clean than traditional sinks, and you don't have to bend over or crawl to clean the bottom. This is particularly beneficial for smaller-sized people because top-mount sinks require less space. Aside from being more accessible to clean than undermount models, they are also easier to install than traditional ones. Check out for more information about top-mount kitchen sinks.