Check Manufacturers for Fireclay Kitchen Products

Nov 15, 2016

While stainless steel sinks are one of the most popular options available in the market, porcelain enamel products have been around much longer and bring an entirely different look to the kitchen. If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen and want to change the decorating scheme then this is a viable option that is durable, reliable and able to withstand many of the same pressures as the other materials.

Top quality manufacturers offer a variety of kitchen sink options to ensure that they meet the design and functional expectations of all their customers. Porcelain enamel is kiln-fired at high temperatures so that the clay material is fused together to form a tight bond and then cooled for a smooth finish. To this end it is usually sold in white or off-white although you may find some vendors who offer browns and grays as optional colors.

This type of sink is available in single and double bowl so that users do not lose the space they have become accustomed to along with being an under mount, apron front or top mount design. It does require some extra maintenance and care than a stainless steel product so you will want to look at this before making the purchase to be sure that you are okay with the requirements. The top manufacturers in the industry work hard to create eco-friendly products which are why you should look for the ‘lead free’ description on the item. The best part is that it not only works great but looks amazing in your kitchen whether you have a modern and contemporary look or classic rustic with coordinating cabinets and countertops.

Your first step is to review the options and then decide which porcelain enamel sink fits best in your lifestyle and use of the kitchen area. Read over the information, compare prices and then make your purchase with a reliable vendor that will include warranty and maintenance information and package to prevent damage during the shipping process. While modern is the preferred style for many, there is something comforting and homey about going back to the traditional style and material that has been enhanced by the latest technology.