Top Benefits of Purchasing Fireclay Sinks

Top Benefits of Purchasing Fireclay Sinks

Jan 18, 2022

If you're planning to remodel your kitchen, a fireclay sink could be the ideal finishing touch. This material is commonly seen with farmhouse-style sinks, providing you with unique benefits that can add value to your property while also giving it an aesthetic look.

What is Fireclay?

Fireclay is a unique substance that is burnt in a kiln with a glaze to produce a material that resembles ceramic but has additional practical benefits due to the method in which it is manufactured.

Fireclay sinks are a popular choice for modern kitchens because they act as a focal point while also providing several benefits. They come with a completed apron that makes it easy for you to reach the bottom and can be installed with an over or under-mount design.

  1. It has a reversible design that allows you to choose between two different looks.

The greatest fireclay sinks on the market today are reversible, allowing homeowners to create the right aesthetic for their homes. With the help of this feature, the sink is completed on all four sides, including a smooth side to bring a unique look to your kitchen.

Some types allow you to choose whether the exterior corners are round or square. Although there is a cost to consider with fireclay sinks, the value of what it provides is a clear benefit.

  1. It Does Not Take Too Much Space

A fireclay sink does not occupy a large amount of space. You'll need to measure the interior of the base cabinet and subtract three inches to figure out the maximum sink size your setup can handle. A 33-inch fireclay sink can be installed in a 36-inch base cabinet. The most popular sizes are 26 inches and 33 inches, although there are various other options as long as you don't require anything larger than 40 inches.

  1. It Does Not Need Special or Costly Maintenance

The upkeep and maintenance of fireclay sinks are simple because of their non-porous surface; stains have a hard time adhering to them. If something does become a problem, a quick wipe-off will usually solve the issue. Non-abrasive cleaning will be required.

  1. It can withstand higher temperatures than conventional sinks

Fireclay sinks are made from a blend of ceramic clay and minerals to create a heat-resistant product. So that you won't be obliged to use trivets on the counter or leave items on the stove while working in the kitchen, you'll have more area to work with. A majority of manufacturers also provide a single or double bowl design, allowing you to have as much diversity as you need for your installation.

The above-mentioned points should help you understand what fireclay is and why fireclay sinks will be a great addition to your modern kitchen, as well as the several benefits it offers. Contact us if you wish to buy the best fireclay sinks that the market has to offer.