Popular Materials For Double Bowl Sinks

Popular Materials For Double Bowl Sinks

Jun 11, 2018

If you have not renovated or built a kitchen before, you need to know what it feels like to make so many big decisions in such a brief amount of time. Learning about all the options you have prior to the actual remodel can help you prevent having excess stress.

In this case, we will look at double bowl sinks and the choices that you could make when it comes down to which materials that you want to use.

Cost, purpose, and appearance are all major components of a sink, and are vital deciding factors in choosing one material over the others. Here are all the materials of sinks that you can buy for your new kitchen.

Stainless Steel

The number one choice of material for kitchens, stainless steel sinks are resistant to heat and are available in a number of sizes, and styles. Colors are somewhat limited, however. Many sinks also have pads underneath to suppress the sound of water splashing the bottom of the basin, so it won’t be as noisy when you run water each and every time. Sinks typically cost in between 100 to 800 dollars, but prices can also rise beyond that if different sizes, gauges, and mounting types apply.

Composite Granite

Composite granite sinks are durable, appealing, and do not show scratches and marks like steel sinks. Composite granite sinks come in a number of beautiful neutral colors. These sinks, especially black ones, will always look clean, even though you should actually clean them regularly. However, they are not perfect, and can crack if they are not installed with the best of care. They must be transported safely as well as installed professionally in order to guarantee a flawless looking sinks. These double bowl sinks in composite granite will cost anywhere between 300 and 600 dollars.


Stone sinks are most ideal if you are also heavily considering a natural stone counter-top in your kitchen. Both of these elements in your kitchen can be matched for one fluid looking counter overall. Stone is beautiful, natural, and strong looking. Stone however, can be prone to stains. See how the stone that you are considering holds up well to staining. There are some stones that are durable, and others that are more resistant to stains, and there is no real happy medium. Stone is expensive, and even though the price is different depending on which type of stone you want, you can pay more than a thousand dollars.

Solid Surface

Like natural stone, solid surface sinks can match with a counter top that is smooth, solid, and easy to clean. This is a more affordable option, but you can happen to experience a scratch here and there. It is a good idea to get a sample of this solid surface material and see if you are fine with how it performs. Solid surface sinks will cost about 50 dollars per square foot.

Cast iron

Cast iron is a greatly durable sink with a hard enamel finish. If you admire white sinks the best, you will love a sink in a cast iron material. While it also comes in other colors, you will want to go with a timeless color if you plan to have this sink around for years to come. Cast iron sinks, however, are very heavy, and need strong support in order to be installed. Make sure that a cast iron sink that you want will be installed by a true professional that will handle it with the utmost of care. It can cost you around 300 to 900 dollars to get a sink made of cast iron.