3 Things You Did Not Know About Fireclay Sinks

3 Things You Did Not Know About Fireclay Sinks

Jan 5, 2018

It does not matter if you are renovating your kitchen or building it new, you should opt for fireclay sink. You should have already heard a lot about it by now. Besides, being super stylish, it is just downright gorgeous. You should recognize that it is quite sturdy and super durable.

People mainly prefer to install it in their kitchen. You must be wondering why there is much hype about the fireclay sinks and how exactly do they make it. You might also be wondering why it is more popular than the stainless steel, ceramic as well as porcelain sinks.

You will learn about this beautiful product through this article. You can then ponder on whether you should consider installing it in your kitchen or home. You will also clearly understand why it became trendy.

Manufacturing of Fireclay Sinks: Undoubtedly, fireclay sinks are not just sturdy but the most durable product you can find today. They make it out of a specific clay glazed as well as fired at extremely high temperatures. They set the temperatures above 2000° F to create this fantastic product.

Clay gets to fuse with the other glazing materials as a result of the extreme heat. Once they remove it out of the Kiln, the sink looks beautiful. It becomes scratch resistant as well as becomes nonporous.

They will look quite glossy after the process is complete. You can place it in your kitchen with confidence. They will never run out of the style and remain both classy and attractive all the time.

Known As Farmhouse Sink: Fireclay sinks are used primarily in farmhouses earlier because of its unique characteristics. Because they are quite sturdy and robust, these sinks are ideal for both heavy or rigorous use.

Many people think that fireclay is just a new invention or innovation. You should, however, note that it was in use for more than 200 years now. It was quite popular in London those days. Yes, as you might have appropriately guessed, it was installed mainly in the farmhouses.

They were used in many of the industries those days. Since farmhouse sinks are the high traffic zones that were always in use. This sink was the ideal one.

Benefits of Using Fireclay Sinks: While the fireclay sinks almost similar to porcelain sinks, they are entirely different in their characteristics. Porcelain sinks are less sturdy and durable and are not that costly when you compare with the fireclay sinks.

Chips, as well as scratches and discoloration, can happen quickly on a porcelain sink. You should, however, note that a fireclay sink is not prone to the complications mentioned above like porcelain.

The only benefit that you enjoy in porcelain clay is that it is available in many different colors. Fireclay sinks are only available in two colors, white and off-white. You also require support to install this sink as it is little heavy.

You will be happy that you chose this product because of these unique features.