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The granite sink evolved
Houzer has reached a milestone in the granite sink market thanks to a long lasting research and development program. Our Quartztone granite sinks have evolved from classic granite sink materials to suit modern needs of both the kitchen and home bar. Formulated from 80% quartz sand and 20% high grade acrylic, each sink features substantially improved properties with cutting-edge workmanship and materials properties.

The granite sink can provide a timeless appeal to any kitchen while also providing extreme durability for many years to come. Each sinks surface is 3 times harder than natural granite, has a 100% pore-free sealed surface with maximum color intensity. They are also extremely tough, scratch resistant and Heat resistant up to 500 deg F. Quartztone sinks also provide natural antibacterial protection and are extremely easy to clean.

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Use tile selectively to add style to kitchen, bath
SC Times
Jessica Soldner has some suggestions for adding texture and depth to tiled spaces using techniques such as banding and smattering. The owner of Discrete Designs said the concepts can work well in both kitchens and bathrooms.

When you're in a bathroom, your tile becomes your artwork," Soldner said. "Your tile becomes all of your pattern and your color and your texture."

Banding, she explains, can be an option to incorporate expensive tile or busy tile into a space without the price or the look becoming overwhelming. Banding can be done vertically or horizontally and in a small or large section of wall, giving the creator lots of accent options.
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How to remove minor scratches and restore satin finish
Under ordinary conditions, the secret of keeping your stainless steel sink surfaces bright and new is simple: light but frequent cleaning, usually with no more than a damp cloth. Then dry with a soft cloth.

For slightly more difficult application, you may use any of the following;
(1) ammonia in water
(2)detergent in water
(3) special solvents, such as alcohol, baking soda, vinegar or turpentine.

Follow these with a thorough washing with detergent and hot water, then rinse and dry with a soft, clean cloth.
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Which update brings greatest return: Bath or kitchen?
The Tennessean
As a homeowner deciding on which updates to invest in, itís always easy to spend far more than the possible return will ever be, regardless of what the guy at Home Depot may have told you. Thatís not a bad thing as long as you get the personal enjoyment hoped for, but if possibly selling the place is in the near future, considering the potential resale value of these improvements is always a good idea.

A recent nationally syndicated article said that updating your bathrooms is the new suggested major improvement around the house. Though I donít think doing so is a bad idea, 30 years and literally thousands of showings tells me thereís no better place to put those improvement dollars than where everyone congregates.
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  Latest Trends
Itís a small world ó especially when it comes to home design. Those retailers, designers and architects seeking cutting edge, forward thinking in form, materials and color, sometimes artisanal or bespoke, are more frequently heading to international destinations.

  Sales Strategies
As sales rise, fish for 'profit share'
The economy is heating up again and Rick Davis's fear for salespeople is a repeat of past boom years. They will neglect their prospecting skills and eagerly take whatever jumps into the boat. This is a threat to your long-term sales growth and profitability.

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