Modern Rock

Our Quartztone granite sinks are three times harder than natural granite, and difficult to beat when it comes to modern lines and color choices.

They get their hardness from a formulation of 80% quartz sand and 20% high-grade acrylic. Created using an advanced process developed through years of research and development, these sinks are distinguished by their silky smooth touch and remarkable toughness.

In addition to being scratch, crack and stain resistant; Quartztone granite is made to withstand heat exposure to 500˚ F. The 100% pore-free sealed surface is colorfast and provides outstanding antibacterial protection—a huge benefit in protecting against the spread of germs in the kitchen.

The cutting edge composition of Quartztone granite supports fresh design directions and engineering techniques that other materials don’t. It also lends itself to maximum color intensity and enables a color palate that is utterly distinctive to the material.

HOUZER Quartztone granite sinks come in five forward-facing colors that are available in five unique sink styles.

For a modern look that rocks consider HOUZER Quartztone granite.