Traditional Faucets

Traditional Kitchen Faucets

Enhance your kitchen’s appearance and functionality with a classic faucet outfitted with innovative features for the modern era. These faucets offer enduring designs inspired by the nostalgic styles of yesteryear, yet each one is undeniably timeless. Pleasant to the touch, easy to use, and beautiful to behold, these faucets are sure to delight anyone with a discerning eye for detail. Discover your perfect faucet at Houzer.

Care & Maintenance

Classic Design Meets Contemporary Technology

Houzer luxury faucets come equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure exceptional performance and long-lasting durability. CeraDox cartridges prevent leakage. Oversized mounting hardware simplifies the installation process. Solid brass construction makes our traditional kitchen faucets tough enough for the busiest kitchens. Removable AeroFlo aerators are easy to clean. An extra-long XtendHose lets you rinse the full sink and all surrounding areas. All these thoughtful features and more make our faucets the best in the business.


Do I have to use these faucets with a Houzer sink?

While our faucets are designed to add the perfect finishing touch to Houzer sinks, they can be installed with other sinks as well. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about compatibility.

What types of finishes do traditional kitchen faucets have?

Finish options depend on which traditional faucet model you choose. All of them are available in polished chrome and brushed nickel. Some models are available with other finishes, such as oil-rubbed bronze, brushed brass, antique copper, and antique brass.

Which faucets are durable enough for professional use?

All Houzer faucets are built to withstand rigorous use, even in high-volume kitchens.

What kinds of faucet styles are there?

We also offer contemporary faucets with sleek, modern designs, as well as transitional kitchen faucets that blend modern and traditional design elements.

What are the benefits of a traditional-style faucet?

We offer the best of both worlds — traditional kitchen faucets equipped with modern technology. These lovely styles are still highly relevant today simply because they look and feel superb. The elegant designs are not only visually pleasing; the ergonomic shapes feel fantastic in the hand.

Elevate Your Traditional Home

Your kitchen is where you fellowship and make memories with loved ones. Your sink is the centerpiece of it all. A Houzer sink, faucet, and sink accessories will bring everyday luxury to your life, and our products are available at attainable prices. We are happy to ship your traditional faucet anywhere in the contiguous US, and orders over $50 ship free. Shop European-imported faucets today.